Shabash Feluda: Gangtokey Gondogol (2023)

In April 2017, Feluda and Topshe travel to Gangtok for their summer holidays at the start of the Bengali new year. While eating breakfast at the Bagdogra Airport, they meet a man named Sasadhar Bose, who works for a chemical firm dealing with aromatic perfumes. He tells that he had attended a nephew’s wedding in Ghatshila and had come to visit Sikkim. While stopping at a place called Teesta Bazaar, the trio learns of an accident which occurred on the North Sikkim Highway. They learn that a huge boulder had hit a taxi and the taxi had fallen off a cliff. But the driver had escaped unhurt. Feluda and Topshe are staying at Hotel Snow View while Sasadhar Bose is staying at a different hotel. Later, Sasadhar Bose comes to Feluda’s hotel and informs him that the man who fell down the cliff in the accident, was his partner Shivakumar Shelvankar, who was also the owner of the chemical company. Sasadhar Bose walks out of the hotel to find a flight to Mumbai the next day.

Duration: 240

Quality: HD